View Full Version : Fonts in themes

January 12th, 2009, 11:27 PM
I use Mythbuntu-8.04-wide theme in the Czech Republic (english version), but some characters (i.e. in program guide which is in my home language) are not properly written - they are substituted by squares.
I tried to find the problem and found that Bitstream Vera Sans font family (which is used in the theme) don't contain some characters used in my country (esp. d with caron, e with caron, n with caron, r with caron, t with caron, u with ring above - all in both capital and small).
So I replaced all occurences of "Bitstream Vera Sans" with "Arial" in theme's XMLs and all works fine (I don't know how to work with font aliases).
Is it possible to make better choice of font family when themes are distributed or send some feedback to Bitstream Vera Sans an other fonts creators ?


(Using Kubuntu 8.04, myth* 0.21.0)