View Full Version : [ubuntu] Boot error

January 11th, 2009, 09:05 PM
From one day to now, my ubuntu's giving out a weird error on boot. I have Intrepid Ibex.

First, it says something about a wireless connection being too long on gray letters over black background (after the Ubuntu logo and loading bar). Then, a small window appears in the middle of the black screen, saying there was a problem and saying "Couldn't parse config file". There are three options. Run as low graphics for one session (what I've done to be able to boot), Reconfigure the graphics (I've tried it but it doesn't work) and Troubleshoot the problem. Troubleshoot shows error log files. I've saved one for you to see. Please help me if you can. I'll try to get more info on its messages if you want.

Thanks in advance,