View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem at Setting mldonkey

January 11th, 2009, 05:01 AM
Hello all:
I have problem at setting mldonkey.
I am using Ubuntu 8.10 x64 system, with the default firewall setting.
Following the instruction for internet, I have compiled and successfully installed the mldonkey server.
I have set the open DMZ function on router and made it point to my mldonkey server.
However, though I could get a lot of search result, but, the downloading rate is always as minor as 0.
I have used another machine to scan, and make sure that the port for ed2k is listening.
I donít know how to trouble shooting this problem; could anyone give me some clues?
Could someone share with me your mldonkey setting file, so I could compare yours with mine? Maybe that could help.