View Full Version : Convert Evolution Inbox data and store into MySQL

January 10th, 2009, 11:09 PM
Anyone has DDL handy, and tool can take

:~/.evolution/mail/local$ ls
Drafts Inbox.ibex.index.data Sent.ibex.index
Drafts.cmeta Inbox.sbd Sent.ibex.index.data
Drafts.ibex.index Outbox Templates
Drafts.ibex.index.data Outbox.cmeta Templates.cmeta
folders.db Outbox.ibex.index Templates.ibex.index
Inbox Outbox.ibex.index.data Templates.ibex.index.data
Inbox.cmeta Sent
Inbox.ibex.index Sent.cmeta

And load the Inbox data to MySql, I am in process to test out Text search in MySQL with other RDBMS.