View Full Version : [all variants] Performance under vmware slow at high resolutions

January 10th, 2009, 04:31 PM
i m currently running Mint 5 Gnome, but before that i ran Ubuntu and Kubuntu and all of these have a problem, i installed them in Vmware Workstation v6.5 and once installed, i installed vmware tools as described in the ubuntu wiki, it all works fine, but when i set it at high resolution like 1440x900 , it eats up all my CPU for VGA related tasks, for example moving a window with a mouse, or playing a movie, it goes upto 90% CPU when playing a video file ( only at full screen ), while in a small window, the CPU is at 40-50% when the movie is playing.

i have tried XP, and windows 2003 on vmware as well, and they don't take kind of CPU use when running them ( XP on 1440x900 works fine even when playing movies ).

i m not talking about HD movies, just normal divx ones. i have reinstalled VMware tools as well, still cant work it as i think its a vga driver problem, can anyone help?