View Full Version : rm and standard input?

December 14th, 2005, 12:43 PM
Ok, this is a simple question, but i couldn't find any other place to ask it, so here goes.
I'm trying to do this:

grep -l "OBJECT = 'SKY '" *.fits | rm -f

It's important that this works and that i can also do this with cp and move. Problem is that rm doesn't seem to accept the standard input from the pipe? Only sollution i found was a script i could not run, as i cannot be root on this system (it's on the university).
I suspect the sollution is very simple, but i'm just not that big a hero in the bash enviroment.

And as always i find the answer while asking it :ashamed:
for completenes, i've use:

grep -l "OBJECT = 'SKY '" *.fits | xargs rm