View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cannot load back into Vista normally !

January 7th, 2009, 11:15 PM
I've just bought a branch new PC( HP ) and I tried to shrink the HD partition( C:/ ) into 130Gb( total was 320 Gb ) so that I can install Ubuntu 8.10.
I installed Ubuntu with no problem, I gave 128Gb for ext3 Linux and 2Gb for swap. It worked pretty well.
However, when I tried to get back to Windows from GRUB, it always asked me to do Recovery and get back to original state shipping...
If I did the recovery then I didn't see GRUB shown anymore. And I can't log in to Ubuntu.
But If I didn't do Recovery then I can't log in Vista :( !
How could I solve this problem ? Before I used Symantec Partition from boot-CD and I could log into both Ubuntu and XP. But this time, it's Vista, which is not compatible with Symantec Partition. I tried several others partition such as Paragon Partition Manager...but still, it won't let me to do the partition. Then I have to use the solution that "shrink" directly from Vista.
As if I did the "Recovery" and log back into Vista, the partition actually shrink smaller, but the partition wasn't shown "ext3" or "swap", it doesn't show anything ?
Could anyone help me out ? Thanks in advance !