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January 7th, 2009, 02:11 AM
Does anyone here have any experiences or thoughts about REBOL? It looks interesting to me...

Technically speaking, REBOL is an advanced language that gains its advantage through lightweight domain-specific sublanguages and micro-formats. REBOL introduces the concept of dialecting: small, efficient, domain languages for code, data, and metadata.

REBOL is "both sided" technology. It is an integrated solution to distributed computing that works best when it runs on both the client and the server. (However, that is not a requirement you can use it on just the client or just the server.)


REBOL provides a lightweight platform for Internet applications. REBOL's power makes applications small so they are less expensive to create, distribute, maintain, and upgrade. In the size of a typical web page, you can fit an entire REBOL application.

REBOL is more than just a programming language. It is also a language for representing data and metadata. It provides a consistent architecture for computation, storage, and exchange of information.

REBOL has been intentionally kept small and lightweight. It only takes a few seconds to download, and it requires no special libraries to run, but it includes hundreds of functions, dozens of datatypes, built-in help, multiple Internet protocols, graphics, sound, and much more.

January 7th, 2009, 02:24 AM
nice find. im gunna give that a look.