View Full Version : [ubuntu] error updating 8.10, linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic

January 7th, 2009, 12:22 AM
Hi all,

I was using my desktop (ubuntu desktop edition 8.10) today as usual and ran update manager to install all available updates as a red arrow was informing me that there were 30 available!


something went wrong with the update, after "checking" the update manager informed me that only a partial upgrade could take place due to a few possible reasons (incomplete previous update etc...) and then an error message along the lines of:

linux-image.2.6.27-7-generic has encountered a problem

something was also mentioned about gnome-mount, about how it was to be removed and replaced in the update with a few other files,

the problem is that now my desktop isnt functioning like it should, my usb drive wont mount:
Unable to Mount XXXXXX"
failed to execute child process gnome-mount" (No such file or directory)
and NetworkManager has disabled itself AND my network devices and wont be turned back on...

I do believe that this happened before, last time my Ubunutu installation had identical problems, at the time i wasnt sure of the cause but i remember there being a problem with an upgrade then, so i reinstalled it but still came across this today..., i believe its likely to be the same root problem..

my guess is taht my gnome-mount has been deleted as per the update/upgrade but has not been rewritten or replaced due to the error above...

does anyone have any idea what i should do now?

Thannks in advance,

January 10th, 2009, 02:51 AM
Same problem here. I had the red arrow this morning, cicked update as usual and had the message:

"An unreslvable problem occured calculating the upgrade".