View Full Version : [ubuntu] Networking with Ubuntu 8.10 & XP Home & using proxy

January 5th, 2009, 08:20 PM
Hello all.
I run XPHome in an (isolated) AMD 2-core box as a DAW, (with a lot of legitimate software that is not ported for Ubuntu) :(, & Ubuntu 8.10 in a PIII .998 Ghz box, wired via a Netgear DG834GUK as my 'Net connection.
I want to P2P with other muso's for collaboration, but don't (obviously) want to connect with XP.
Is it more secure connecting via proxy?
Does proxy mean via another computer on my network?
Should I go via proxy?
Is the proxy setting the router address?
Should I set the Ubuntu box, or the router as the proxy for the XP box?
And, how do I "make a Torrent"? When I use the BitTorrent menu's to do this it ends up telling me that the file I thought I'd made & saved as a torrent is NOT a torrent file. :confused:
Hope this can help others as well as me,