View Full Version : [ubuntu] can't ping over openvpn, this is NOT a routing/config issue

January 4th, 2009, 05:35 AM
Hey guys.

I have windows machine hosting an openvpn server and a client laptop that I've been using to connect to it and access remote shares and browse the internet over the tunnel. I have a linksys router that I've set up advanced routes on and everything IS WORKING WELL.

I've decided to ditch windows and use ubuntu due to various reasons. I've copied the certificate files, key files, and config files for the client over to the linux and I AM ABLE TO CONNECT and get an appropriate IP address just like windows used to.

When I go to a website 'whatsmyip' it shows me the REMOTE NETWORK external IP address which means I am surfing the net over the vpn tunnel


I cannot see the remote LAN in the network browser, I cannot ping any of them, I cannot remote desktop any of the machines on the remote network, but when I click on places, connect to a server -> windows share and enter the information, it requests the password BUT then when I enter it it gives me an error message "Failed to mount windows Share".

Any ideas ? I know for a fact my configuration is correct.