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January 3rd, 2009, 08:03 AM
Howdy everyone.

I recently set up my system for a dual-boot setup with Ubuntu 8.04 and XP.

I like a lot of things about Ubuntu, love it in fact, except for one glaring issue...

My network connection is slow. I mean really slow. It can take upwards of an hour to download a 100Mb file.

I'm on a cable connection with Cox... It's just fast enough to make surfing with Firefox bearable, provided I'm not running Azureus or Pidgin, then forget it.

Azureus tells me I'm getting about 20K/Second download rate, occasionally it will jump up to the 50-70 Kb/s rate, but not very often, and sill inexcusably slow for a cable connection.

I've got my ethernet plugged into my cable modem. I tired running through my router (LinksysWRT54G) but that only slowed it down more.

Any advice? I appreciate it. I'm a Linux noob so please go easy on me.

jimmy the saint
January 3rd, 2009, 08:10 AM
If you have a slow internet connection, there is nothing that Ubuntu, or any OS for that matter, can do to speed it up. You need to pay for faster service.

January 3rd, 2009, 08:17 AM
If it is a problem with the Ubuntu installation, then your local area connection speed between Ubuntu and any other machines on your network should also be as slow as the Internet connection.

If this is indeed the case, then I would suspect some odd issue with the networking hardware you have in that machine and the Ubuntu system.

Are you able to disable the network interface you are currently using and insert a standard PCI Ethernet card? Then see what difference, if any, is achieved.

If the local area network speed is good with both systems, but the internet connection is slow in Ubuntu but fast in XP, then that is a totally different (and, for me, bewildering) situation.

January 3rd, 2009, 08:43 AM
Not sure if this is the problem but. I also have Cox cable internet and today i've been experiencing some slow speeds. That could possibly be the issue. Other then that not sure.