View Full Version : [ubuntu] Javac prints bizzar output

January 3rd, 2009, 02:50 AM
when i javac filename.java, the output below is unreadable.
I have no trouble opening the file using gvim and my LANG and LANGUAGE was zh_CN.utf8,then I changed to en_US.utf.

./B⎼▒␋┼.┘▒┴▒:2: ┬▒⎼┼␋┼: ┤┼└▒⎻⎻▒␉┌␊ ␌␤▒⎼▒␌├␊⎼ ⎺⎼ ␊┼␌⎺␍␋┼ UTF8
B⎼▒␋┼.┘▒┴▒ ▒� 8" ▒�◆J J��G├ K=X KB� I�� M(X ▒� K�TEXTCWIE ���� � ��93⎼�C� ���T // B⎼▒␋┼.┘▒┴▒ -- ├␤␊ ␋┼├␊⎼▒␌␊ ⎺⎼ T␊├⎼␋⎽

Anyone knows what causes the problem?
Thanks in advance

January 3rd, 2009, 06:20 AM
Is it possible to take a screenshot of the command and the output? I think it might be a language problem. However, does it happen to all compilations or just a particular .java file? Also, did you try downloading JDK directly from SUN site and using that to see if it is a persistent problem or a problem with your installation?