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January 2nd, 2009, 10:45 PM
I am new to ubuntu and decided to dual boot kubuntu 8.10 with WinXP on my Compaq Presario laptop. I'd have gotten rid of windows altogether except I need it to connect to the network where I work.

I have been able to get connected to my home network through the wired LAN card but not wireless. I have an internal Broadcom BCM4318 (rev 02) and read about the methods to use it on this forum. I have tried a few different methods with no luck. I also have a Trendnet TEW-429 USB wireless adapter that I have been able to get connected to my home network but still not able to connect to the Internet. Both of these adapers work with this same laptop when booted to WinXP so I am reasonably confident it is not a hardware issue.

I'd really like to switch to kubuntu as my primary on the laptop, I already have on my home desktop but I need to resolve the connectivity issue before I can switch.

I'd welcome any suggestions...

....additional info...

In the adapter state is listed differently for each adapter:

wlan0 (BCM4318 ) disconnected
eth0 active
wlan1 (TEW429) IP Configuration

I have both network (wired and wireless) listed in the connections list and have entered the WEP password (hex format) in the properties for the wireless network. Using the TEW429 I was able to see my home network and a few others but none with the BCM4318.