View Full Version : [ubuntu] trouble loading, motherboard?

January 2nd, 2009, 04:54 AM
got the new ubuntu on a cd and it makes it through the "try ubuntu without disturbing such and such" - that loads, but then the screen get all jumbled after the loading bar reaches full. so i tried the install and the loading bar freezes near the end. i tried the option safe graphics mode but still the same thing. i took out my ati graphics card and switched to the motherboards video output, i've switched harddrives(same thing happens), and tested the ram. all clear. ran a diagnosis on the disk i made and no errors either. i think it may be the motherboard, but what, if any, can i disable in the bios to clear the blank screen in "try it" and or continue the loading in instal.

the motherboard is a biostar nf61s micro 750

If it helps I've tried installing windows vista and it freezes at "unpacking files" at 0%