View Full Version : [ubuntu] have to startup in windows before restarting in ubuntu

January 1st, 2009, 09:03 PM
I have a dual boot setup on my computer. Ubuntu is on it's separate drive and the other three are windows. From a cold start I can't boot into ubuntu. It will time out waiting for boot device. But I can boot windows. At the startup screen, before even logging in, I can choose the reboot option. When I get back to the grub menu I can boot into ubuntu just fine. I can do warm restarts as many times as I want afterwards and it works. But when I shut down the computer completely and start it up I can't boot into ubuntu again.

I've tried setting rootdelay all the way to 600 without any luck. I've tried disconnecting all non essential usb devices, wait at the grub menu for several minutes before starting and still nothing. I've even checked the bios for anything that looks out of the ordinary and nothing in there either. I know it's worked with some previous version of ubuntu but as I don't use ubuntu as a desktop much it may have been a few versions ago.