View Full Version : [xubuntu] My eeePc doesn't "communicate properly" with my new Modem

December 30th, 2008, 12:02 AM
Hello guys!
I'm quite noob on Linux so I hope you could give me a little help (I've already checked the "Absolute Beginner Talk" but didn't find anything useful) and I'm not a native English speaker too, therefore please be forgiving about my countless mistakes :)

Well that's the point: I got an eeePc 701 with Xubuntu. To be honest it's a "special reduced/adapted distribution" from Xubuntu 7.10 made for eeePCs and it's called eeeXubuntu (7.10). And it's very "fragile": ANY update will quite surely drive to an "unworking wireless status".
I'm experiencing a new problem now with my new "Alice Gate 2 plus Wi-Fi" modem (photo attached) which typically is an Italian modem (it's being distributed by Telecom Italia Mobile) and that's why I wasn't able to find infos about it and Linux.
Seems like my eeePc can't "dialogue" with the modem, coz whatever I use (wi-fi, ethernet cable or usb) pages doesn't load fully but stops after the first couple of kbs... When loadin' the google page, for example, it's even unable to show me the entire "google logo" but just the first half. Status bar says: "Waiting for clients1.google.com..." and that's all (photo attached). It continues to load and load and load... All the other pages are even worst. It's like it stops receveing data, or the connection gets blocked.

I really donno what to do. It's still working with the previous modem but, you see, we're talking about my neighbour's one and not mine... And I must use THAT modem (Alice Gate ecc. ecc.) to be able to use my flat option (I still don't know why, maybe that's because of the id-card).

Does anyone can help me a little bit? An eeePc without internet is like an hot block notes, or a portable divx player without the cdrom drive...............

Wow, that's such a long post with so many useless infos and meaningless words, I feel kinda stupid about it.

But I still hope you could help me out, PLEASE :)