View Full Version : How old are you ?

December 29th, 2008, 09:25 AM
Hey everybody,

I'm doing a research on Linux home use in Lebanon, so I would be interested in knowing :

1- your age
2- how long have you been using Linux
3- how did you discover Linux
4- what distros do you use

This poll is part of a school project I'm doing. And in the spirit of sharing (isn't that what the whole community is about ?) here are my answers to those questions :

1- I'm 21
2- I've been using Linux for over a year now (September 2007 to be accurate)
3- I learnt about Linux when I got to France to join an engineering school. (never heard of it in the 20 years I spent in Lebanon)
4- I'm currently using Xubuntu (loved GNOME, hated KDE, now trying Xfce)

Thanks for sharing.