View Full Version : [other] Unetbootin to install

December 29th, 2008, 05:22 AM
Ok, here's my deal. I have been trying to install Ubuntu to my laptop, however, I cannot burn a CD that works (live, alternate, anything), my bios does not support booting from a usb device. Also, after trying very hard to install from millions of burned cds, I had to re-install Windows. That is when I installed Unetbootin. Ubuntu boots fine that way. BUT... I cannot install to the hard drive this way because the Unetbootin installer will not show/detect any partitions (even though there are two). Now Windows will not boot (I don't care, what is important is that I can still choose Unetbootin/Ubuntu at start up) My question...

Is it possible to use Unetbootin to create a bootable flash drive, but, instead of rebooting immediately (since my bios is crap), using Unetbootin to then run Smart Boot Manager in order to select a "boot from USB" option then use the flash drive?

I don't want to attempt this if it won't work since I fear that my inability to load Windows will mean I can no longer load Ubuntu if I run something different in Unetbootin... which means NO OS and I'm sick of re-installing things so I'd rather just wait till tomorrow to fix this.

Thanks, in advance... Sorry for the rambling.