View Full Version : [ubuntu] mix of 8.04LTS and 8.10 Ubuntu Studio

December 28th, 2008, 12:29 AM
I mounted the Ubuntu Studio 8.10 CD to view the documentation. I*left the CD*in the drive for several days and when I returned, the Update manager said there were 437++ updates available for this system!

When I tried to update, the update reported that it was "unable to perform all requested upgrades and a partial upgrade would be performed. The Partial upgrade failed as well, with the error message:

Can't install ubuntu-desktop
It was impossible to install a required package. Please report this as a bug.

When I tried to update using Synaptics Package Manager, I*found multiple entries for installed packages from the Ubuntu Studio 8.10_Intrepid Ibex_ main, restricted and universe CD!

When I*view the origins of my core files and utilities, Synaptic PM says that they originated from the 8.10 studio release:confused:

I think did this to myself - the CD is in the list of Providers and it looks like the Updater grabbed the packages from that source??

Where do I*go from here? I*really didn't want to "upgrade" to the studio version OR the 8.10 release!! How do I*

1) Roll back to the previous kernel/8.04LTS packages ?
2) Update all packages to 8.10 ? I know that I*can update from the CD, but I'm worried that I*may have created problems that could make my system unstable.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!