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December 27th, 2008, 09:06 PM
I live in a house with three other guys. Three of us own 7th generation consoles. Two Xbox 360's and one ps3 (all mine!). We currently have Cox communications 7 mbps Internet connection, with an older modem that we found from the previous owner. The modem hooks up to a Linksys G router. I just tested the internet speeds using the recommended point on speedtest.net, and just found the speeds to be 4808 kbps down and 823 kbps up. This is over the laptop's wireless connection.

The consoles will probably only have one wired and the other two will be wireless. Playing Far Cry 2 over wireless on the PS3 is the only game to show lag thus far. I can't really comment on the 360's.

We have been talking about upgrading the router, or perhaps upgrading the modem ($50). I don't feel like spending over $75 to remove lag when all three of us are playing online multiplayers and someone is on their laptop. I just want a solid connection for all online gaming.

Before you mention it, I have used port forwarding, QOS and have reached a limit of port forwarding, using all possible slots on the router for the PS3. I might have one space available to forward some more ports to the xbox's but I don't see this turning out well.

Any thoughts are appreciated.