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December 27th, 2008, 07:27 AM
I am having a hard time with this one. I recently moved my movies around due to space issues. After moving them all my VIDEO_TS folders changed to video_ts, that cost me an hour of troubleshooting and then renaming. Now I still can't play any. I can browse to the shared folder from my windows machine and play with VLC, so I know the folder structures and such are right. These worked prior to my moving them in myth. I have messed with ownership to see if it mattered if mythtv or my user owned the folders and files, but that didn't seem to matter. I am missing something else possibly obvious. Here is what I see in mythfrontend.log when I try to select one:

2008-12-27 00:10:11.989 XMLParse::LoadTheme using /usr/share/mythtv/themes/blootube-wide/video-ui.xml
2008-12-27 00:10:14.399 TV: Attempting to change from None to WatchingPreRecorded
libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.10 for DVD access
libdvdread: Couldn't find device name.
libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 0.1.10-xine from http://xine.sf.net
libdvdnav: Can't read name block. Probably not a DVD-ROM device.
libdvdnav: Unable to find map file '/home/curt/.dvdnav/.map'
libdvdnav: DVD disk reports itself with Region mask 0x00000000. Regions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2008-12-27 00:10:14.400 Opened DVD device at /var/lib/myth1/videos/Ava/Little Mermaid II
2008-12-27 00:10:14.400 There are 1 titles on the disk
2008-12-27 00:10:14.400 Title 0 has 0 parts.
2008-12-27 00:10:14.516 DPMS Deactivated
2008-12-27 00:10:14.670 NVP: Couldn't find a matching decoder for: /var/lib/myth1/videos/Ava/Little Mermaid II
2008-12-27 00:10:14.671 TV Error: StartPlayer(): NVP is not playing after 20000 msec
2008-12-27 00:10:14.671 TV: Changing from None to WatchingPreRecorded
2008-12-27 00:10:14.673 Marking recording as watched using offset 4 minutes
2008-12-27 00:10:14.673 TV: Attempting to change from WatchingPreRecorded to None
2008-12-27 00:10:14.673 TV: Changing from WatchingPreRecorded to None
2008-12-27 00:10:15.722 DPMS Reactivated.

Is that normal stuff from libdvd from a folder of a ripped movie? All my searches for the NVP: Couldn't find matching... message came up with older LiveTV problems.

I am running mythbuntu 8.10 recently checked for updates. VIDEO_TS is set to use Internal player. Any thoughts from anyone?:confused:

December 28th, 2008, 03:39 AM
No one out there this week or no ideas what is wrong with my internal player. So, does anyone know how to reset everything without reinstalling. My thoughts now is just a fresh re-install, but I have to save off all of these movies first. If I can do something to basically clear MythTV and then start over, without doing the base OS, that might be my answer. (this is my secondary front end, Mythbuntu 8.10.)