View Full Version : [kubuntu] Linux Image package probelm

December 27th, 2008, 02:22 AM
I am suddenly having issues w/ my NVIDIA card -- no display, even though the right drivers are installed, the xorg.conf file is known to work and the Xorg log files look fine.

After some digging, I noted that the restricted module kernel versions for nvidia don't match the installed kernel. Linux 2.6.26-10 is installed ( Intrepid system ). The linux-image version shows installed in adept for linux image 2.6.26-11 but for unknown reasons no 2.6.26-11 kernel is available in /boot. I thought about using apt-get to reinstall the kernel image, but apt-get lists dozens of packages that will be uninstalled in the process. many of which I know I need.

Any suggestions short of a total reinstall??