View Full Version : [ubuntu] emptying the wastebacket

December 24th, 2008, 12:23 PM

I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and if I insert a 16GB SDK card in a USB port via an adaptor it states on the wastebacket icon on the bottom right of the destop task bar "No items in the Deleted Items folder".

However, if I click the icon and the Wastebasket file browser opens then I see numerous folders that I previously sent to the wastebasket from the sdk card.

If I now click the "Empty Deleted Items" button or select an individual folder for deletion I get the following error dialog box:

"Error while deleting"

Clicking on the "Show more details" it reads:

"Error removing file: Read-only file system"

Right clicking on a selected folder and going to Properties|Permissions, the Owner (Me) folder access permissions are set to "Create and delete files".

Thus, I am totally baffled as to why I am unable to flush the wastebasket and why the wastebasket thinks it's empty when in fact it is not.

Is this a bug or is it me?

Cheers for any help.