View Full Version : multi user image boot hash value

December 24th, 2008, 12:48 AM

i have a task to do, but since i am not that familiar with linux systems i am stuck a little bit. could anyone of us give me some advice regarding my problem which is the following

to load user images
each image contains users data and settings
images are stored on a central server
to store the data effectively- hash value on each file
files that is being used by multiple users are stored only once
detect the match using the hash value of each file

advice i was given:

to create a skeleton of a filesystem with 0kb files and then load the contents of each file
to skip some folders: proc, media, sys, dev

- i think of doing this like each user image contains just the 0kb filesystem structure and than it loads the content of each file - this would let us to store the similar files only once

any advice or help regarding some scripts would be appreciated

thank s for reading

have a nice day