View Full Version : which nvidia mobo for 720p lcd tv and lexicon dc-1 surround processor?

December 23rd, 2008, 04:09 AM

i need a few questions answered to help set up a mythbuntu htpc and am certainly confused on the options.
perhaps some background?

1. i understand, to some extent, the copy protection constraints on integrating audio and video thru hdmi, plus the whole blue ray discussions.
2. my needs are a bit more mundane:
- my lcd hdtv does 720p, it takes an hdmi input, and provides a spdif output
- my home 'theater' (aka, the family room) uses a lexicon dc-1 surround processor for 7.1 dolby surround decoding/enhancement (and i have all the amps, etc etc)
- i won't be doing any video gaming
- blue ray is not on the agenda for some time
- i may add raid5 at some point, through an add-on pci controller card (possibly the addonics 4-port pci controller), to store the ripped dvd collection and the music collection

so, conceptually, i think i need:

3. an nvidia based mobo (for the linux driver support) yes? good idea?
4. with purevideo capability to drive a 720p hdtv
5. so i think the mobo needs on-board video from the geforce 6xxx series and up? or is it the geforce 8xxx series and up? yes? or no?
if it outputs dvi, i just get a dvi to hdmi connector? yes? or no?
6. and i think the mobo needs a true multi-channel spdif (or tos-link) output so i can drive the lexicon dc-1 surround processor? yes? or no?

i don't think i need the audio integrated with the video under dvi/hdmi. and more importantly, even though the lcd hdtv has an hdmi input and a spdif output, it only outputs 2ch -- it won't pass through more channels, and it certainly doesn't do dolby processing. (or maybe it's the other way around: since it doesn't do dolby decoding, copy protection prevents it from anything more than 2ch)

i looked at the asus zonar cards and the augentech cards, which have on-board dolby/dts processing, but i really don't need them. i could though go that route if necessary (amazing: the zonar series cost about $200, the lexicon dc-1 cost about $2000 several years back) -- the tech reviews show these cards as providing very superior audio performance with changeable op-amps if you want to tweak the audio.

so, am i way off base?

is there a mobo, that supports mythbuntu, can handle 720p video decoding, splitting out the audio to a spdif or tos-link output, that will drive a lexicon dolby processor for 7.1 surround sound?
have i got the picture straight that no mobo does it all right now, under a linux scenario using mythtv with ubuntu, because of all the copy protection contraints?

i see all these great adds about zotac, and msi diva (maui), but they either have things i don't need, or are more focused on the video and leave the audio hanging. the dolby surround processing in my home 'theater' is really engaging, and i'd hate to lose it just to have an htpc with an on-line movie collection.

anyway, i'd appreciate your comments about your experiences. and if i'm wrong about any of my statements or assumptions, please feel the need to set me straight.
sorry for the long post.


December 23rd, 2008, 02:49 PM


This is the most loaded mATX board I've ever seen. It has VGA, DVI, and HDMI outputs, as well as optical audio. 720p doesn't require much horsepower; any Core2 series CPU should have you covered with room to spare.

I don't own this one but I do own a Gigabyte mATX intel board and it's the best motherboard I've ever owned, if that helps.