View Full Version : Mythwelcome Screen Flash

December 22nd, 2008, 11:02 PM

New to the forum, having used Knoppmyth for a few years, thought I give MythBuntu a try and very impressed I am too. I have a fully working Mythtv setup now (based on 64 bit ubuntu 8.10), except for one small problem related to Mythwelcome. I can start the box up and shut it down using ACPI, but when I exit the frontend, I only get a flash of the mythwelcome screen. I saw an earlier post from rosbif in 2006 who suggests that the mythconverg database has a missing row in the settings table. A row is needed with "AutoStartFrontend" and "1".

I am a little nervous about directly editing the database, has anyone else encountered this one and knows of a solution?