View Full Version : [gnome] gedit end of line problem

December 22nd, 2008, 10:05 AM

On friday (19th of december) I sent some fortran sources I had been working on to someone who owns a mac, and he had problems viewing them.
What happened is that even though the files were originally created on a mac, and I just added a few lines, gedit inserted linefeeds in stead of carriagereturns.
I checked and leafpad, vim or kate, if working on a file that has a carriage return after the first paragraph, will insert carriage returns all over. And before this friday we had exchanged files with no problems (me using gedit to change stuff).

I honestly can't remember when gedit was last updated or something like that, I just update my ubuntu intrepid everyday, with the proposed updates turned on.
Gedit only has a minimalistic set of options to control (I don't really like this...), and I have no idea what happened and why it messes up the files.
I would really like to use gedit for working on code, because leafpad has no syntax highlighting (and I think that is the point of leafpad), and kate didn't really like running under gnome at some point (and I'd like to avoid having problems at future updates). Another option would be to use (g)vim, but that would be a bit radical (I've been using kate/gedit for more than three years now).

Can anyone tell me if there is an option to control this behaviour, or if it's a bug or something?