View Full Version : Sluggish or damaged music visualizations.

December 21st, 2008, 08:10 AM
I'm trying to work out some of the little kinks in my system. I've got a problem with the music visualizations that seems to stem from them visualizing too slowly.

I'd think OpenGL wasn't on, in fact, though it seems to work just fine elsewhere. (The menus come up fine, rendering is fine, and if I set a screensaver on in the desktop settings all look good.)

I've tried running the visualizations outside of MythTV and the visualizations seem to be okay there. Inside of MythTV, they all run slow except for the one that's the single (or pair?) of horizontal lines that squiggle. That one starts out slow, then the screen blinks and it starts going at an appropriate tempo.

Minor thing, but annoying.