View Full Version : [ubuntu] Using the multimedia abilities of HP m1190.nl desktop PC ?

December 18th, 2008, 03:46 PM
I recently aquired this out-of-the-box HP media center M1190.nl Desktop PC wich came with a broken-down version of Windows Multimedia Center, blah blah blah - and here i am now using Ubuntu 8.04.

As a first-time Ubuntu user, however, i have no idea how to setup this box to make use of the remote control that came with the system, nor how to set it up to make use of the television card and all the other goodies that came with the device.

I tried installing MythTv earlier today, wich ultimately lead me to just reinstall the entire OS as it bogged down my system to near uselessness...

Uh... Well. I guess i'm open to suggestions? ;)