View Full Version : [ubuntu] FX5100GT install causes machine to warm start before POST

December 18th, 2008, 03:36 AM
this is not actually an Ubuntu issue, indeed, it isn't even an O/S issue.

but what the heck, I run ubuntu...

this is rather strange, I installed a Nvidia FX5600GT AGP card which is infinitely superior to the onboard VGA I was running. Well, on cold-start..

The Nvidia ROM text appears at the top of the screen,
then a single beep from the speaker,
then the system warm-starts (disks spin down/up, CPU fan stops/starts)
then the same Nvidia ROM text
then a single beep
then a screen clear and the POST BIOS screen
then a normal boot.

Happens every time.

rather annoying. Doesnt happen if I take out the AGP card.

Under Windows, Ubuntu and Arch linux, the card runs fine and no errors/issues.

I would be grateful for any expert advice