View Full Version : [ubuntu] aircrack-ng\ makeivs

December 17th, 2008, 05:31 AM
Hey everyone im new to this site and I really need some help. I've just started learning how to use aircrack-ng on winblows XP, and im having some confused thoughts about the makeivs app. I have been able to successfully make and reproduce the ivs, but what confuses me is in the process of making the ivs I have to enter a 104 bit key. "makeivs <.iv file> <104-bit key> I just randomly picked one off of the internet and it worked. Now when I go to aircrack-ng it finds the key but it pops up with the same on that i found on the internet. My question is does it matter what 104-bit key I enter? The key is 86:65:78:38:8F:51:7B:E0:B4:81:8A:0D:B1