View Full Version : [ubuntu] No wired network Intrepid (Internet fine

December 17th, 2008, 04:46 AM
Since an upgrade install of Intrepid on my main PC (PC1) and a fresh install of Intrepid (dual boot) on my other PC (PC2), neither sees the other on a wired network although both connect to the internet (via the broadband router).

My partners PC (PC3, WindowsXP Pro) no longer sees PC1 or PC2 either, although all the shares worked fine under Hardy. Similarly, when PC1 is booted to WindowsXP Home it sees PC3 just fine but cannot see PC2 (nor can PC2 see it).

All these shares worked fine under Hardy and the new (apparently better) Ubuntu network manager helps me not one bit.

I move files around quite a bit and the constant USB memory stick swapping is becoming a pain.

I would appreciate help in resolving this.