View Full Version : [ubuntu] Log on/off , previous and next button not working

Bill Horan
December 16th, 2008, 10:58 AM
For the past week when the log on/off button is clicked all the panels disappear but the selection panel doesn't appear. I:confused:t seems that items on the desktop which are still there and can be clicked on ok.
At the same time the previous/ next buttons are shown as shaddows and are inoperable although the alt+Sys+Rq+r,e,i,b all worked as did the reset button on the front of the computer.
This started soon after the last big system update so I tried to go back to an earlier version and this seemed to work for a while after 2 or 3 boots the problem was back. As my wife wants to use the computer for browsing and has no great afinity for UBUNTU I set up Grub to boot to WINDOWS2000, which by the way all these functions work perfectly while UBUNTU still had problems so I don't think its hardware but I have been wrong in the past.
Using the forum I reinstalled the DESKTOP and this worked partialy for one boot where the previous/next buttons worked but the on/off button didn't.
I suspect that something is not shutting down correctly on shutdown but I don't know how to find out. Has anyone else had these problems?
The 2 indications seem to go together i.e. the next/previous buttons are greyed when they shouldn't be then the boot down is also not working.
The problem isn't there at present but I'm not confident enough to booting to UBUNTU.:confused: