View Full Version : [ubuntu] Attensic L1 Gigabit connection weird problem.

December 15th, 2008, 07:49 PM

I've just about had it with Ubuntu by now.

I'm trying to set up a NAS with Ubuntu 8.10.

After painfully getting Raid-5 to work and setting upp samba and mediatomb I get a lousy 10Mb/s transferrate from the Asus P5E-VM SE Gigabit outlet in my server.

Reading up on the card it seems the Atheros (Attensic) L1 cards causes some performance problems.

Trying to update the driver resulted in the networkmanager disappearing and the cards is now identified as Ifupdown(eth0) and I cant change any settings. However, speed is up to 50Mb/s now but since I cant change any settings I cant set up my dns correctly so it's quite useless.

Any clues as to what I should do next to get it working?

Or is Windows Server the only way to go these days?

Please help!

/ Ola