View Full Version : [kubuntu] KDE 3 -> 4 ... Some things confuse me...

December 15th, 2008, 06:49 PM
Good day all,

I've successfully install Hardy and using KDE 4. Things work, but there's a couple of things that don't seem right. :confused:

The first issue is in terms of graphics. I get a LOT of corruption. For instance:

Hovering over icons or button causes the button to disappear, and replaced by the desktop image.
When a window is displayed for the first time, garbage appears for a second and is replaced by the actually content.
Scrollbars in Thunderbird are not rendered correctly. The scrollbox is a few pixels higher then it is drawn on the screen.
The kool new ALT+TAB task switcher does not feel as smooth as it should. Actually, most visually effects are 'jerky.'

Gnome runs smoothly with full desktop effects turned on, and I'm able to play my fav games without problems, so I assume that my nVidia is working normally in either environment.

Another thing I'm missing is the KSysGuard 'widget' that was available in KDE 3.x. KSysGuard is available, but not the panel widget. I miss that...

Also, Amarok does not recognize the Play/Pause key correctly on my multimedia keyboard. It treats it as a Restart Track key. Is there anyway to correctly map the key? I haven't found the multimedia keyboard mapping in the System Settings keyboard mapping or in Amarok, Settings->Configure Shortcuts. So, where are the multimedia keys mapped?

Beyond that, everything seems to work the way it should. Any help or insights would be appreciated!