View Full Version : [ubuntu] WhoIs server functions

December 15th, 2008, 02:22 PM
I'm with the IPB team over at OpenNIC that just got awarded
the .eco TLD

We had setup an old Cobalt which we plan to use for DNS
resolutions of the new .eco names. When we heard of Ubuntu

What we are still lacking is a WhoIs server so users can check if a name is taken and by who.

The old edit file approach for DNS maint. is bulky in Ubuntu, does anyone know if there is any type of GUI application like the
one in Cobalt for it yet? And has anyone got a WhoIs service up and running on Ubuntu which would allow it to act as a WhoIs server resolving queres?

If so might be nice to combine a beta of Ubuntu Server with roll
out of the new .eco project

Feel free to Email me BretLang@Gmail.com