View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wifi power is insufficient

December 15th, 2008, 07:55 AM
I gave my girlfriend's mom an older computer with ubuntu installed. The idea was we could get her on the internet by using the communal wifi in her building.

Unfortunately, when I go into the network preferences I do not see any networks! I know there are some there because my laptop and my girlfriend's can see them and connect.

I stuck a Custom Nimble X LiveCD into the computer and it connected to the network no problem. It was saying the signal power was something like 40% to 50%.

Unfortunately, the computer is currently about 100 miles away from me right now. Puget Sound and many miles of snowy roads lie between me and this problem, so can't I go into terminal to tell you something. I can't tell you the exact make and model of the wifi card either.

I do remember that it is an 802.11b card.

So, my guess is that this is one of two problems:

1. Ubuntu is somehow disqualifying the signal because it is too weak. I've also noticed that my Ubuntu laptop can't see networks that my girlfriend's iBook can, so I can only assume this desktop is also a little blind. Is there a way around this?

2. some kind of driver problem. Since the computer can't connect to the internet at all right now, I was wondering if there was a big bundle of drivers somewhere that I could burn to a cd and install next time I get to the machine, hoping that one of them does the trick. There must be a linux driver for it that is relatively common, since Nimble X was able to work fine.

And I don't want to just install Nimble X: Ubuntu is too awesome.