View Full Version : [kubuntu] Audio capture in Kubuntu

December 15th, 2008, 05:25 AM
Sometimes audio capture works, and sometimes it doesn't. It seems like if I breath on the computer wrong it stops working. I had Skype working nicely for a while in Intrepid Ibix, and now it is not able to capture sound.

I have KMix open, and there's no explanation of what's going on or what it's doing.

Linux sound input has been an absolute nightmare for users for the past ten years or so, and everyone complains about it, and we get a new audio system every five years (OSS, ALSA, sound daemons, PulseAudio, what next?) and it continues to not work.

I'm an advanced Linux user and have been for a long time and I've just spent a couple of hours trying to get a sound to be recorded. This is incredibly frustrating.

First, is there any effort underway to make sound usable by even advanced users?

Second, does anyone have any suggestions of how to start debugging this? All I want to do is record my own voice saying, "hello everyone" or something like that. This should not be hard stuff to do these days. Computers have had sound input as a standard feature for at least ten years now.

December 17th, 2008, 08:25 AM
And now it works. There were some recent updates and one included libpulseaudio, so maybe that is what fixed it.

It's very disappointing how difficult it is to get basic sound going, and how unstable it is. Linux has been a sound quagmire for a long time now. Ordinary Joe desktop user should be able to have sound "just work" without understanding, "oh, you shouldn't select OSS, it's the ALSA driver, and you need this update and that patch..."

June 27th, 2009, 02:58 AM
I've used Linux for ten years or so as well, and you are absolutely right. Sound is rubbish. I have spent most of today trying to get my line in and/or microphone to work - and I give up.

I am an advanced user of a lot of things but sound is not one of them. I just want basic sound to work, and when I get it working, I want it to work tomorrow. My mac and my windows machines do not force me into reading vast numbers of documents to get these basic functions to work. They don't have Master, Front, and PCM - any one of which seems to be the volume control at any given time. It's insane.

Anyway - I give up. I'm sorry, I can't use Skype - I use Linux.