View Full Version : [ubuntu] dvdwizard installation problems

December 14th, 2008, 11:08 PM
I have installed dvdwizard following advice from this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=652843 but now cannot make it run. I have failed to add to the main menu: when I put this command line (/usr/share/applications/dvdwizard) the result was an error message, when I put this one (/usr/bin/dvdwizard) nothing happened. When I tried clicking dvdwizard icon in /usr/bin I got the following error message:

ERROR: No config file for dvdwizard found!
dvdwizard needs a config file to run. Use one of the following options:
- Create a system-wide config named /etc/dvdwizard.conf
- Create a user config named /home/jerzy/.dvdwizard/dvdwizard.conf
- Supply a valid config file with the -C option on the command line
Look at /usr/local/share/dvdwizard.conf.sample for more informations
or consult the manpage dvdwizard.conf(5)

Hey, something went wrong in "dvdwizard"! Check for error messages in the log.
The last command returned a Non-Zero Return-Code (0)
So I guess it's better to stop here and let you analyze the situation
Hope you'll find the error. ;-)

I have not been able to find information how to implement these suggestions, could anyone help? I am a relatively inexperienced Ubuntu user so advice presented in a very simple way will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!