View Full Version : [kubuntu] Trouble with Multiple Wallpapers and Icons In KDE

December 14th, 2008, 01:32 AM
I'm trying to run different wallpapers and icons on each of the sides of the cube in Kubuntu. I go to KDE Control Center > Desktop > Multiple Desktops.
Here I select 4 and hit apply... only it doesn't stay at 4 like it should and quite frankly I'm ready to chuck something at it.

December 14th, 2008, 02:11 AM
Install Simple CompizConfig Settings and set your number of destops there. You will also need CCSM, and that is where you can change the wallpapers of each side of the cube. :p

December 14th, 2008, 02:18 AM
I already have Compiz and it won't let me change the number of desktops there either. It'll let me change the views, but they're all the same.

December 14th, 2008, 03:58 AM
Simple CompizConfig Settings is another manager for animations, desktops, and edges. Once you set desktops on that, they will stay.
In CompizConfig Settings Manager, click on desktop cube > appearance > cube caps > add (you can put in as many images as you have desktops. Just be aware that a cube cap acutually "covers" your desktop, so an icons or programs you have on desktop will not be visible until you select desktop in places on your panel.

December 15th, 2008, 06:24 PM
Curious. On my machine (using Intrepid), Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager doesn't offer the option of multiple desktops. I have the same problem as above -- can't set different wallpapers on different sides of the cube, under KDE, though it works OK under Gnome.