View Full Version : Need help and not sure who to ask (LAMP, FFMPEG, YOUTUBE)

December 13th, 2008, 05:32 PM
Greetings good people,

This question is very likely unsuitable for this forum, but at the moment I can't think of a forum I trust more than this one. So I apologize if this rubs someone the wrong way. If so I will understand if this post is removed, and appreciate it if it's move to a more suitable location :)

OK here's my problem. I am looking for a PHP Script for my youtube style website. I've experimented some great open and commercial scripts, one commercial script in particular has some features I really like. Just one big problem, unlike the websites for all the other youtube-clone scripts I've looked at, there appears to be no support forum at all on their site. Before I pay them $200 for the script, naturally I want to know the bugs etc... I have emailed their support with my questions, but I expect a sales response :D

Does anyone have any experience with this script http://demo.videowatchpro.com/?
Does anyone know of, or know where I might find a Forum for it?
Can anyone recommend a video script?
(these are the ones I know of already:
Are any of you guys interested in helping me with some programming to tweak the script I decide to buy? I pay big peanuts.

So I know it's a long shot... but can anyone help? 1,000 thanks ):P