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December 13th, 2008, 02:12 AM
Just to introduce myself in this forum: I am application programmer with quite a few years of experience. I know my ways around Windows and some Linux, but I am not sysadmin guru.

I am thinking about getting A+/Server+/Network+/(whatever else you guys suggest) CompTIA certifications, to be able to wotk in IT support. Maybe later I may upgrade to HPC - High Performance Computing, clusters and stuff - or maybe not and switch back to app development. We will see, but right now I want to have an option to developing apps is Java :-)

So here are my questions:
There are way too many books available. Which books are worth to buy, which are enough to read on Safari, which are crap? The thicker the better? ;-) Are there any online courses, and are they any good?

How long it may take (I understand that "it depends" - I am comfortable user but no admin, but any guess is better than mine... maybe).

What other questions I forgot to ask? Any personal experiences/advice from certified UF memebers?

Thanks - and please move it into better forum if appropriate, this is my best guess.

December 13th, 2008, 02:40 AM
How long it takes depends on how much you know.

I've know people who just booked out all the required exams in a 2 week stretch and went through them all, then a few months later took the ones they failed again to get Certified. Other people takes years, doing one exam every 2 -3 months, once they have read up and studed for each exam individually.

Best advice is to grab a copy of the training books for the Certificate you want (O'Reilly books and alike) and work your way through them, doing the sample tests, then booking an exam once you are confident.

I'm thinking of doing "CEA-CompTIA DHTI+" or "A+" course, it's 12 weeks at a local Uni + the Exam in Feb.

December 13th, 2008, 02:52 AM
Comptia ugh, most employers don't even care whether you have your a+/core dumped/net+/but doesn't know how to make a crossover cable+ something+ or not. Except security+ and linux+ those 2 seem to benefit the certificate holders a lot.

Dude, go for your rhcse $_$

OH and dont forget about the ubuntu certified systems engineer too ^^

December 18th, 2008, 06:58 PM
I am stuck here too...Have a MCP, Network+, A+, Studied for but never took the CCNA test and now want to round out some knowledge with Linux.

The Linux+ is a decent exam, universal, one time cert, $200 for the test. The LPCI is a 2-part exam, needs recert in 5years, BUT is universal and very good on a resume. Costs the same too. $100 per test.

The Red Hat cert is ridiculous. Huge amount of information to study for, distro specific, (not good IMO), it's completely hands on for the exam, the exam is 5.5hours long and costs over $700.

Not sure about the Ubuntu exam, have not read up on it yet(getting there) but it's slightly distro specific but MUCH more universal then Red Hat IMO.

My suggestions,
When it comes to Linux certs, portability is KEY, and most of the distros and info is very similar. For a base-line cert, I would recommend the Linux+. You can always study for the LPCI later and will have more experience and knowledge which can only help.

I would also suggest getting at least your A+, and a WinXP/Vista/Win2k3 Server MCP exam under your belt. It helps on the admin side. Any training is knowledge. Take a course at a local school, or at least a training session at a facility.

December 21st, 2008, 02:06 AM
Thanks for relevant info!

Our local community college offers A+ but IIRC no Network+ or Server+ courses, I'll double-check. But A+ does not look like good value for time and money.

Also thanks for generic advice of good O'Reilly books, but I never found any, even on oreilly.com, so I doubt they exist :-)