View Full Version : [all variants] Questions about adjusting the font size in Amarok Nightly on a gtk dektop.

December 12th, 2008, 08:44 PM
[not sure if this is the forum for this if now please let me know and point me to the correct one]

fairly noobish question. I have been running Amarok 1.4 for a while in my gtk desktop (specifically I run the linux mint fluxbox edition distro) in the past I used kcontrol to adjust the appearance of Amarok (and other kde apps) and it works fine. So last night I installed Nightly and since its a KDE4 app I guess its not controlled by kcontrol. What I'm wondering is how can i adjust the appearance of Amarok Nightly (specifically for me I need to increase the font size as im on a 1280x720 display and everything is illegible) and other KDE4 apps in my gtk desktop.