View Full Version : [ubuntu] xbindkeys revisted!

December 12th, 2008, 12:33 AM
So, after a few hitches, I got xbindkeys up and running, and set about making some decent hotkeys. I've run into one small problem, since - I'm able to set them to open any application or directory, but I can't persuade them to open a simple text file.

Mod4 + Super_L + f


"gnome-terminal --full-screen&"
Mod4 + Super_L + t
Work fine, but no combination of 'mousepad' 'gedit' and my text file - list - seems to.

Am I missing something embarrassingly obvious here?

December 12th, 2008, 02:45 AM
Hmmm. I tried it with various different files and none of them opened. Yet I have no problem with applications. I must be making some stupid syntax mistake. Does anyone have any ideas?