View Full Version : [all variants] Any way to get NON-paged large wide screen ?

December 11th, 2008, 10:06 PM
Does anyone know if it's possible to set up xorg to provide a single large wide virtual screen ? For example, I have 3 desktops right now - the setup is a 3x1 - and it's easy enough to flip between them with ctrl-alt-left and ctrl-alt-right. I also have mouse-flip on, so moving the mouse to the edge causes the desktop to flip to the next one.

But rather than have it organized as 3 desktops or pages, I want a single large wide one. Move the mouse to the edge, and it scrolls smoothly in that direction. ctrl-alt-right should move you a configurable distance to the right ... maybe a full physical screen's worth, maybe 1/2, maybe to put the next window on the left edge of the physical screen, and so on.

So instead of desktop 1 for web, desktop 2 for email etc, it would just be one large desktop, with areas for each function.