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December 9th, 2008, 02:50 PM
Ok, before I say anything, I talked to a staff member already who seemed to think this was perfectly ok, and have been waiting for an admin to get on to PM. But seeing that I need to leave soon, and this contest is almost over, I'm going to proceed and the thread can be deleted or locked if need be.

I've checked the rules over, and this should be peachy. Also note that it is A-OK with the the contest I'm entered in.

With that said...

I'm entered into a contest on chris pirillo's blog. http://chris.pirillo.com/

The contest is simple, write a well written, properly formatted blog post containing a how-to, top 5, or what is article, and at the end of the contest (tomorrow) have the most comments written by readers.

The comments need to have a unique IP address (no double posting as other people), and be more than a sentence long and have some kind of meaning towards the article itself. For instance, "Cool article dude!" would not cut it.

So what's this something awesome any of YOU forums members can get from commenting on my article? Well, if I win, with the help from all of you, one ubuntu forum member will receive... A $2000, loaded Touchsmart Desktop!

HP TouchSmart IQ816 All-in-One Desktop PC (2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 750 GB Hard Drive, Blu-ray Drive, Vista Premium)


Another will receive... An All in one Wireless HP network printer!


Why am I doing this? Well, the point to winning so much from this contest, is to spread the wealth. And I thought, what better way to have a great chance of winning, and treat a few lucky people to something awesome for the holidays. The only thing I would actually keep for myself is one of the notebooks. My sister would receive one, seeing she's going to college in September, The Mini would most likely go to charity. =)

How can you get hooked up? It's easy. Visit my article here:


Leave a comment that is over one sentence long, and pertains to the article, then PM me here on the forums with a copy/paste of the comment you're leaving. That's it.

At the end of the contest, if I happen to win, I will assign each comment made by each one of you a number, save the list to a text document, and upload it. Then a 3rd party will pick two of these numbers at random. (hopefully a mod from here can help us out!) and then the mod/3rd party will download the master list, and announce the winner.

The drawing will be done in public, such as a ventrilo/teamspeak server, irc, or a webcam. And keep in mind, if a mod can't help us out, everyone is entitled to elect their own 3rd party to do the drawing to rule out any foul play.

Anyone is able to enter, if my inbox hits 500 somehow (pretty unlikely) I will end the submissions there, and announce doing so.

REMEMBER, if you spam the article on the same IP, or post innapropriate/overly short comments, the mods there WILL DELETE YOUR POST, thus rendering your entry void.

Any questions, feel free to ask! A loaded $2000 Desktop is waiting for one of you. :guitar: Good luck!

ALSO, shipping will be provided by ME, unless you live outside the United States, in which you will pay shipping. (we can work that stuff out afterwards if special needs have to be met)

December 10th, 2008, 03:41 AM
Well, I only got a whopping 2 messages. =P

I'll still honor this if it happens.

I guess no one wants a free computer?