View Full Version : [kde] Is the kfmclient copy command gone?

December 9th, 2008, 02:32 PM
I just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid. I've been using an Amarok script (usb_device) for quite some time, but it stopped working in Intrepid. While trying to figure out what I had done wrong I noticed that the kfmclient copy command seems to be missing :confused:

When I issue the command:

kfmclient copy .amarok_usb_device /media/CrackBerry/

I get the error:

Syntax Error: Unknown command 'copy'

If I run:

kfmclient --commands

I only get the commands openURL, newTab and openProfile. None of the other commands show up.

I have installed kdebase 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.