View Full Version : [ubuntu] LDAP/Joomla/Server 2003

December 9th, 2008, 01:57 PM

I have Ubunto set up as a standalone web server on a windows domain network. I also have Joomla running on Ubunto. We have a seperate domain server.

How do I configure Ubuntu to allow Joomla (which is configured but 'white pages' on login) to authenticate users against our Windows 2003 server using the ldap plugin?

Again, (described a little differently)...
Joomla is set up for ldap auth.
Each time someone tries to log in, we get a blank page. I read that this points to Ubuntu not being set up for ldap.
So, how do I set up ldap on Ubunto to alow Joomla to authenticate against our Windows 2003 Server?


Paul :)