View Full Version : [ubuntu] question about upgrades and free space

December 9th, 2008, 04:32 AM
I just wondered since there seems to be a lot of auto updates to ubuntu if the auto updates also normally remove anything, or would it just keep using more and more free space?

December 9th, 2008, 04:46 AM
The updates don't add anything to your system; they just replace outdated packages with up-to-date builds of them--for example, if there's an update to OpenOffice, Ubuntu updates would first delete your current OpenOffice installation, then immediately reinstall it from the most recent package.

There could be small differences in file size between the different versions of a package, but these should be negligible.

If you think that something is gradually eating away more and more space on your computer, though, let us know and we can try to figure out what it is.

December 10th, 2008, 03:59 AM
ok thanks. I just wanted to make sure that was the case, and it wasnt just eating up more and more without at least removing the old stuff.